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Email marketing has always been one of the most valuable digital marketing solutions. However, building an email that performs well in a multi-device, multi-client world is a lost art to many young designers and marketers.

Modern HTML Email is a new guide that takes the mystery out of designing and coding HTML emails from the ground up. It takes you on a tour of the mechanics of email campaigns and coding reliable and responsive HTML emails. It even offers some tips for optimizing your campaigns and provides you with resources to further your skills.

What will you learn?

The Mechanics of Email

Learn the logistics behind any email campaign. From how emails are sent through legal considerations and spam rules - you'll get a good overview of what goes into sending your campaigns. Whether you're bootstrapping your own system or shopping around for an ESP, I'll get you off on the right foot.

Designing Modern Email

Before diving into any code, you need to design and plan your campaign. I discuss some of the higher-level decisions that go into a good email as well as content and aesthetic choices that will directly effect how you build out your HTML email.

Building Modern Email

The heart of the guide. It walks you through building a robust, responsive email newsletter and discusses the thinking behind many of the decisions that go into coding. This section is filled with examples so you have an opportunity to see a lot of code, as well as several common problems and their solutions.

Optimizing For Effectiveness

After your email is built, how can you optimize it? I look at a number of strategies to test, iterate, and streamline your campaigns to be truly effective both before and after they hit a subscriber's inbox.

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Jason Rodriguez

About The Author

My name is Jason Rodriguez. I'm a designer who has honed his skills over the last few years by working on email marketing campaigns with millions of subscribers for a Fortune 100 company. When I first started out, learning best practices was painful due to a lack of good resources. I want to alleviate that pain for as many designers, marketers, and code-monkeys that I can. Modern HTML Email aims to do just that. You can learn more about me on my personal website.